Skin Prep Instructions

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We are excited to meet you and help you bring your best to the stage! 

Please take the time to read the following instructions when preparing for your spray tan.  The better condition your skin is in, the better the product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look, and you will have a more even fade after your competition.

Follow EVERY instruction, making sure not to skip any steps! 

For maximum results....

2 Weeks Prior to Your Tan

* DO NOT get a sunburn or any tan lines.  We cannot cover this up. With a sunburn, the dead skin soaks up tan solution more than live skin.  So your sunburned area will be a lot darker. Best to just stay out of the sun until after your competition.    

Exfoliate & Moisturize
Spend the week or two prior to your competition spray appointment exfoliating and moisturizing your body.  Pay extra close attention to your elbows, knees, chest, ankles and wrists. A regular loofa or exfoliating pad works great.

* All waxing completed at least 72 hours prior, if you're accustomed to waxing. Otherwise, wax 7 - 10 days before your spray tan appointment.

Day Before Your Tan


*Please shave at least 8 hours before your spray tan, preferably the night before.  Make sure you shave your whole body, including the downy hair on your back and stomach.  


Avoid massages because massage oil will interfere with the tan.

Day of Your Tan

*The DAY OF your spray tan, DO NOT Moisturize but you must EXFOLIATE.

*Do Not Use Any Bar Soaps or other commercially made scrubs.

*You can shampoo & condition your hair if you choose

*To wash your body, make sure whatever soap you are using is free of moisturizer, I would recommend Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash.

*DO NOT put on any make-up, deodorant, perfume/cologne before or after your spray tan application. These products will raise the skin's ph and turn your armpits and body green!

What to Wear and Bring To Your Spray Tan Session

*Come to us with clean, dry skin wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip flops. Do not wear any RED to your spay tan appointment, but red comp suits are okay. The RED dye in cotton will tend to turn your skin GREEN!

*An oversized, long sleeved t-shirt and oversized, drawstring (non-elastic) waistband style sweatpants made of cotton blends are best.  These clothes will also protect your tan from seatbelt marks when you drive home. No blue jeans, socks or tennis shoes. Wear flip-flops.  Do NOT wear your competition suit for the spray session.

*DO NOT SHOWER or put on any deodorant, perfume/cologne until AFTER your competition.

AFTER YOUR TAN - before the show

*Stay dry and cool, avoiding exercise, and washing dishes.

*If you have pets that sleep with you at night, you might want to sleep in another room.  Animals love to lick this solution which will give you streaks. ☺  

*Sleep in an air conditioned room or with a fan to avoid excess sweating through the night.

*Make sure you sleep in long sleeves and long pants, as touching skin to skin will cause marks.

*Use caution using the restroom.  Some females like to use a paper oil filter, (you can get them from the gas station), or a “Go-girl” to go in, but you don’t have to have it.  

*If you smudge your tan, please DO NOT panic.  It can be fixed.

*Bring an umbrella in case it rains!!

Additional Information

*The first spray tan session takes about 10 minutes for the application and another 10 minutes to complete the drying process. You will feel slightly sticky for about an hour until completely dry.

*The second spray tan session takes about 10 minutes for the 2nd application and another 10 minutes to complete the drying process.  Then we apply the 3rd coat, or the bronzer, which also takes about 10 minutes for the application and another 10 minutes to complete the drying process.    

*Competitors assume ALL risk to any hotel property damage, not limited to soiling of linens. It is strongly recommended you bring an extra set of sheets, pillow cases, blanket and towels. Colored ones are best. Remove the hotel linens prior to your appointment so the linens won't inadvertently get soiled.

*Discuss the use of ANY other tanning products used BEFORE your appointment with us. We are NOT responsible for poor results with mixing of products that we are unaware of.

*Our solutions does not contain any level of sunscreen, so please make sure to wear some if you are in the sun after your tan.

Best methods to remove your spray tan AFTER the show only

*Rub your skin with baby oil and leave for 10 minutes before jumping into the bath. Using Head & Shoulders original Shampoo & an Exfoliating Glove, scrub your skin.  Rough towel dry and then moisturize.

*Making up a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda will also help strip a tan off. Relax in a hot bath and then exfoliate with the mixture. For stubborn areas, leave it on for a few minutes before exfoliating.

*If none of these methods works, it means that the spray tan just cannot be removed. Let time take its course, soak in the tub every day, and keep your skin moisturized. Choose only one product, and stick to it. Do not use multiple products to get rid of sunless tanner from your skin, or you will just irritate your skin and possibly cause it to dry out.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions!  We are here to help! 

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